Being authentic is my inspiration: Finding the true nature and honesty of things.

I appreciate the ability of an object to be just what it is, believing that from sincerity arises integrity in structure and expression. Exploring the way in which materials meet each other, or how a certain colour makes us feel, or how easily we relate to an object’s inherent personality is an investigation that establishes my work. I believe that it is the through the synthesis of all these insights that we can begin to better see ourselves through the objects that we relate to.

My process of design centres around a coming together of realness and mystery, forming shapes that suggest and invite interaction. The forms are often inspired by their manufacturing processes and a need to understand the world around me. The aim is to merge simplicity with complexity, forging a sense of intimacy and connection that reminds us of our own simplicity/complexity contradictions. Through this process of interacting with what we see and the feelings that they evokes in us, we begin to establish our own connection with the physical world around us.

‘Ultimately my aim is to begin the process of this interaction long before you physically feel the product. I want you to notice it from across the room and be moved immediately. I want the product to pull you towards it and engage with you on a sincerely connected level.’